About us

Wines for all seasons

  • Formally established in 1992, Brumms Quality Wines Inc. has been an advocate of well selected fine German Rieslings since it started as a home based distribution endeavor in 1986.
  • Now representing world class wine makers from six wine regions of Germany, the choice selection of Rieslings became its strong selling attraction. To provide diversity well selected wines from reputable winemakers from Austria, Romania, Chile Argentina and New Zealand rounds out the portfolio.
  • With an extensive experience, Brumms Quality Wines Inc. stays true to its mission to provide memorable wine experiences to its customers.

A ripening tradition of good taste

  • The fascination for wines started in the middle of 1970
  • This was pursued by founders Klaus and Kitt Schroeder by starting to purchase wines from Germany through personal connections for personal consumption.  It did not take long before they had to share the humble stash with friends and friends of friends.
  • In 1986, after import prohibition was lifted, they decided to pursue commercial wine distribution.  As a part time enterprise the business operations professionalized with itsincorporation in 1992. 
  • Brumms Quality Wines Inc. started its portfolio with a modest hand picked choices of German wines that expanded to personally selected wines from world class winemakers from Germany, Austria, Romania, Chile, Argentina and New Zealand.
  • In line with our quest for the tradition of good taste, the import of a most prestigious water fromNew Zealand came to reality in 2014.  ANTIPODES a natural living water that does not interfere with the palate when consumed alongside fine wine, coffee and food was a perfect choice to be added to our product portfolio. 
  • Meanwhile Brumms Quality Wines Inc. serves and maintains its niche market with an ever changing choice of fine wines, exotic and uncommon varieties for the customers both the novice and the learned to explore.