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Beautiful gift boxes containing two Rieslings from Germany
or Romanian White and Red.

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Wine Events

The Grape Escape – 04th October 2023

Uncommon white wines to discover. A unique mix of red wines to indulge in. And some surprise bottles to be opened.

While you are enjoying your wine, take the opportunity to peek into our wine cellar: Our 50 square meter cellar storing over 20,000 bottles of wine dates back to the early ‘90s when it was one of the first of its kind in the country. Here you can have a look at our retail wine list and purchase directly from the cellar for up to 15% OFF.

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Our wine cellar

Fine wine in a tropical climate – it’s a tricky combination of several challenges, particularly evident during both transportation and storage. Our very own Brumms Quality Wines, Inc. however, has over three decades of expertise in delivering wine in a pristine condition, whether it’s to a restaurant or customer’s doorstep.

Our 50 square meter cellar dates back to the early ‘90s when it was one of the first of its kind in the country. Controlled at a constant 18-20 degrees Celsius all bottles are stored in traditional metal bins. The diversity of wines on offer is both staggering and far reaching. German Rieslings from entry level to Grand Crus come strong with labels of world class winemakers the likes of Gunderloch, Schloss Lieser and Bassermann Jordan. Certified organic wines from Austria are well represented by reputable winemakers like Loimer and Gernot Heinrich.

Business hours are Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM or by appointment ONLY.