Napa Valley, California

Corte Riva Merlot 2010

Exhibits a deep concentration of fruit flavors such as blackberries, black cherries along with a big thick and juicy mid-palate and undeniable succulence and hedonism. Reveals lots of chocolate, plum, and berry fruit notes, a silky, opulent texture, medium to full body, and no hard edges. Great with roast lamb.


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The Winery

Corte Riva was founded by husband and wife Nieves and Lawrence Cortez and Nieves' cousin Romel Rivera (hence Corte Riva) in 2001. They had emigrated from the Philippines to California in the '70s and worked in various wineries before eventually founding their own. Aside form his duties at Corte Riva, Romel is also the assistant winemaker at the highly regarded Pride Mountain Vineyards. The grapes for Corte Riva are sourced from various vineyards in Napa and occasionally the surrounding counties like Lake and Sonoma as well.
Red wine
Napa Valley, California
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